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Gusnova Gelato

Today's Hours:

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Phone Number:

(203) 975-1416

Store Location:

Level 3, Grand Court

Where to Park:

Level 3, North

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Gusnova Gelato store front

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Gusnova Gelato is your one stop for 24 flavors of Gelato and more! What is Gelato? Gelato in Italian commonly means "frozen". Gelato has a butter/fat content lower than ice cream, between 4% and 8%. Gelato also contains less air and the result is a product that is dense and creamy. Gelato has a warmer serving temperature, thus melting as soon as it goes into your mouth! It is all of these elements that gives Gelato an intense flavor, and the term "Gourmet Low Fat Ice Cream"! 


24 Flavors of gelato, frozen yogurt, smoothies, pastries, beverages (Italian sparkling waters, ice tea, energy drinks and coffee)


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